Sam and Barry - a socially distanced seaside wedding, Tynemouth Church, homemade garden party

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Like everyone in the wedding industry, Covid-19 had vastly altered the landscape of summer 2020 for me, so when Sam contacted me to tell me that her wedding to Barry was all set to go I was thrilled!

As with most weddings which have gone ahead this summer, the event was not exactly as had been originally envisaged, with guests numbers, venues and activities being restricted. Making the most out of the situation, plans were adapted and what was left was a seriously heartfelt, intimate family affair. For me this was ideal, as I got to spend the whole day with Sam, Barry and their nearest and dearest, and really devote all my snapping time to them. It also meant I had extra time to photograph their lovely daughter who was an extremely willing subject.

We did have one bit of luck on the day, as the weather was insanely sunny and warm, (even at the North East coast?!) so we could spend plenty of time in the seaside air. The ceremony and portraits took place at The Church of the Holy Saviour, Tynemouth, and the mini-reception at Sam's Mum's house afterwards...