autumn baby session - Elliot and Lucy

It seems like everyone is more tuned into autumn this year. I don't know if the colours are especially vivid, or if it's as a result of lockdown that everyone is just noticing them more? (The colours are better - I googled it). Either way I'm really enjoying the natural displays, so when Lucy contacted me about doing some seasonal portraits of Elliot I was keen to have a legitimate excuse to take pictures of leaves.

Newcastle has some incredible parks and gardens, and living where we do we're so lucky to have these amazing green (and brown and yellow and red) spaces on our doorstep, so we made our way to Jesmond Dene and Heaton Park armed with baby pumpkins, in search of golden hour.

Elliot seemed to enjoy the leaves even more than I did, and kept stuffing them in his face (we tried to stop him - future vegetarian?) but we managed to get him to leave his leafy lunch long enough to grab these snaps. I absolutely love these photos. They're unarguably autumnal, we had a great time taking them, and even Elliot came away having discovered a new passion for botany.

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