Alicia and Mark - A Sunny Pre-Wedding Shoot in Durham city centre

Durham city engagement couples photo shoot romantic kiss doorway

'Thank you so much for the work that has gone into this portfolio. You made us feel so comfortable and we were blown away by the photos. We are now so excited for the actual day!'

Perhaps it was pure chance, or maybe the Universe thinks it owes us one after Covid, but in some mad twist of fate we were recently gifted with a few seasonally sunny June days in the North East. I was lucky enough to be able to make the most of one of them by heading out into the streets of Durham with one of my lovely 2021 couples for a little pre-wedding photo shoot.

I met Alicia and Mark in Durham Market Square where they had just come from meeting with some other wedding suppliers. Up from London for a few days, they were in planning mode, optimistically lining things up for their upcoming nuptials. The couple met at Durham University while they were students there and are returning to be married in St Chad's College this August. I asked them to show me around some of their favourite parts of Durham and tell me their memories from these spots while we explored the city together.

I do think it's true that some people just naturally work well in front of the lens. As soon as I nudged Alicia and Mark down the first shady side street I noticed and started snapping away, wonderful things started happening. These guys are proof that even if you're new to it, having your photo taken can be a really easy experience.

I was amazed by how many photos I had of these guys just laughing together - a pretty accurate reflection of what the day was like! Now I really can't wait to be back in Durham in a couple of months to capture their big day... roll on August!

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