Baby mini Sessions



A short and sweet package, keeping it easy for all the new parents out there!

We'll make it really simple and as stress free as possible. If it takes longer than an hour, it takes longer than an hour, and if your baby is being a diva on the day, that's not an issue!

you get

An hour long (approx) photo shoot for you and baby at a location of your choice

Full professional editing

An online gallery with all your best images ready to download, share and coo over

Family Everyday


A slightly longer session, we'll spend a couple of hours together, giving us more time to snap that everyday action!

We'll meet up at a location of your choice, either in your home (during non lockdown times!) or outside somewhere photogenic where we can take it really easy and get some great shots of you and your clan, going about your business. I won't make you stand in a line, grinning while wearing coordinated jumpers (unless that's a normal day for you?) so don't panic about that! 

You get

A two to three hour photo session at a location that works for you

Professionally edited pictures

All your best photos from the day, uploaded in an online gallery, ready for you to download, print or send to the grandparents


couple sessions



Photo sessions shouldn't just be for the newly engaged or your wedding day... They're also a great way of practising for the big day or showing you still like each other after the fact (just kidding)

But really, sometimes it is really good to have someone taking pictures of BOTH of you. Together. At the same time. With a fancy camera. Looking mint... I can be that person.

you get

A two to three hour photo session, wherever you feel comfortable. We can even take a walk and hit a few of your favourite places. (Coffee stops are encouraged)

Full professional editing (no hideous filters)

An online gallery of all your best pictures from the day, ready to download, print, marvel at how good you look...

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