Hi there, I'm Ruth, a North East based wedding photographer.

I was born and bred in Newcastle. and have lived here (almost) my whole life, (minus three years living in York, and the two I spent in and around London). I'm now based in leafy green Jesmond, right near the city centre.

I got my first camera back in the mid noughties and haven't been far from one since. I spent most of my younger days taking terrible photos of my friends, which evolved into less terrible photos of my friends, and eventually (hopefully much less terrible) photos of other people. Portraits have always been my bag, although I often point a camera at pretty things on plates, and take my camera travelling whenever I can. 

I'm repelled by cheesy photos (and bios), so you won't be getting much of that on your wedding day. I'll always aim to record the day as it is. You should look like you, just a really good version of you. 

You can usually identify me by the Breton top I'm sporting

My body is 50% tea


I'm a cat person, although I spend a lot of time smiling at passing dogs in the street


Boardgames are great

In a previous life I got paid to bake, and still sometimes dabble


I have a thing for taking clandestine photos of people in cafes - I love prime lenses and wide apertures (background blur? yes please). If I'm watching tv it's usually crime dramas or Gilmore Girls. I'm a loud person in the body of a quiet person, and have little control over which comes out. 

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